Lastfloor - The Wegg EP

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The Wegg
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Loudness Please
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Slow Mention
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Geomagnetic presents The Wegg or The Way as suggested by this fantastic debut release from Lastfloor, and with these three exquisitely produced Psy balsters we expect massive stomping responses and smiling faces all around the world. The new psychedelic trance project by French producer Antoine Fischer, also known as Lemek is Lastfloor and we can't wait for more loudness from this rocking artist. These three tracks are produced with A=432Hz tuning. Born and raised in a music lover family in France, he discovered electronic music trough the French rave party scene. Antoine produced techno and psychedelic music under "Lemek", the psychedelic scene offered all these artistic gatherings, with so many smiles and positive vibration, the ideas for Lastfloor was be born, a simple view of years of sensations, the last step before entering into the void of a new state of mind. Other releases Auramirror / E-lite - why so serious (Lemek remix) / 2011 Headroom records / Lemek - Dark Era – 3 tracks Ep / 2013