Luomuhappo - Pallit Ja Sielu

Metsaassaa and Polkat
Temppeliherrain Paluu
Rally-Honda Noesis
Festareilla Vol 2
Close-Combat Gentlemen
Ihmepoika Robin
Sometimes It's A Shame
Call Me Ahab (NYE2011 Mix)
Kappahalli (Luomuhappo Rmx)
Sputnik (Feat. Pyhimys)
Festareilla Vol 3
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It ought to be crystal clear to everyone by now that all illusions must be shaken off the sleeves. The corkscrews are tightening in an irreversible pattern. Will tomorrow rise as a world in which a man stands against another alone in the ruthless post-industrial wilderness, as a decadent survivalist-road warrior wearing not much more than a pair of broken hipster eyeglasses and a barbarian fur made out of dead lolcatz? The unknown of unknowns is opening right in front of us. This is the time when a person – be it a man or a woman – requires both BALLS AND SOUL.

And that is exactly what the new Luomuhappo album is all about, metaphorically speaking of course. “Pallit ja Sielu” is the album title, and it translates from the ancient Nordic murmur (also known as Finnish) into “Balls and Soul”. It is the handbook and ultimate survival guide for any person and a spiritual guide in juggling between the paths of the left vs. right hand and realizing they’re both attached to the same body. Or for those who just like really kickass psy-breaks- dubstep-disco inferno-suomisaundi-spugestep forest-trance boogie - a demolition derby of folk-music influenced exploding synths and drum machines that’ll make you gasp for breath while anticipating the next punch.

Those who have turned their backs to the world and are stacking up their doomsday bunkers: keep in mind that in addition to a hefty pile of ammunition and canned foods, the human mind requires art and entertainment as well. No Close-Combat GentlemanTM can live nor thrive on canned peas alone. Think of the long-term investment value of this CD!

Oh yeah, the music. Well, it’s what you’d expect from Luomuhappo -- except 20000000% better – NOW with just as much 100% natural(ish) Balls and Soul, and with levels of crap as low as 0,0001%. Do you think Luomuhappo still needs introductions? We think not. Well, unless you know him only by his hip-hop producer name Puukko-Jere, which translates into Knife-Jere. Yup. Beware. By now, you probably won’t be surprised that Finnish hip-hop artist Pyhimys features on track Sputnik, and there’s Luomuhappo’s remix version of Kappahalli, originally by Finnish group Trio Tetris.

The Truth. The Harsh Truth: Whether you’re a stereotypical superficially all-loving dreadlock hippie or a nihilist genre- bashing headbanger, chances are that sooner or later in the course of this album you’ll submit yourself to a dance-mosh- I-just-pogo-rite, combined with vigorous self-analysis with the intent to purify both the soul and the spiritus essentia - an uncompromising look in the mirror.

PALLIT JA SIELU. We have spoken.