Lyktum - Human

Divine Enchantment (Original Mix)
Spirit Guide (Original Mix)
Symmetry (Original Mix)
Water (Original Mix)
Golden Thinking (Original Mix)
Dreamer (Original Mix)
Visionary Realm (Original Mix)
Sacred Plants (Original Mix)
Freedom (Lyktum Remix)
Masters of Momentum (Original Mix)


'Human' is the 3rd studio album by non other than the newest acquisition from Iono Music, Lyktum. This release sends us on a journey far above and far bellow through the depths of our spiraled universe, spreading it's ambitious message throughout the fractal fabrics of time and space, enhanced with a reveal of sacred energy that realms our consciousness and uniting our souls into pure light that we call source. The main purpose of this album is to let our spirit apprehend the light and love of 'Divine Enchantment' with full acceptance to meet our 'Spirit Guide', realizing it's perfection in geometric 'Symmetry' telling us that 'Water' is the sole pure symbolic medicine of fundamental basics for existence and life to keep on going. One must realize that 'Golden Thinking' first comes from within our mind and body, when in peace, proving that we all are 'Dreamer' entities that connect straight into 'Visionary Realm' of higher dimension, where knowledge and love of our true ancestors is kept in trees around us, those we like to call 'Sacred Plants'. Once the ego has settled down and collective harmony is released, we acknowledge 'Freedom'. As we become true creators of our own reality where each single moment is filled with divinity and full of meaning, only then we become the 'Masters of Momentum'.