Martin Nonstatic - Treeline (CD)

Crimean Mountains
Distance C
Subtleties at Dawn
Unphysical Body


Martin Nonstatic releases Treeline, a crispy cinematic and electronic album build upon lucious morphing atmospheres; ever spiralling, electric glides and audacious rhythmic patterns. A dance at dawn album with a view; deeply rolling on stretched-out dub. The story got a definite Martin Nonstatic touch to it, you'll even hear sounds you've heard before and think you're on safe grounds but this time the composer will carry you way beyond your expectations, revealing aspects of his creation with more grit and an adventurous mind.Neoteric by essence and yet a return to some oneiric trip-hop and the day after, hands up in the air, dancing grooves feeling; Treeline is the third album signed on French imprint Ultimae, from a rather prolific artist who launched into numerous collaborations including the Ghostwalk EP with James Murray and the Eskostatic album and who, throughout his art, keeps on questioning causes and underlying perceptions.