Mentalist - Extraterrestrial Races EP

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Past, Present and Future
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Extraterrestrial Races
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WAV   $1.64
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Ovnimoon Records presents this new release "Extraterrestrial Races" by Mentalist, with 3 tracks, including 1 in collaboration with the artist Noize Method aka Loïc Riou. These bands are a way of connecting with extraterrestrial beings, with technological noises, acid synthesizers and lots of psychedelia, making you travel in the past, present and future, and in the end have the possibility to live something magical in their minds! MENTALIST, is the project of DJ and producer Eduardo Ferraz, from Petrolina - PE, Brazil. Engaged with psytrance since 2008, he has decided to dedicate his life to the production and psytrance scene in his city. His tracks go between Progressive Psytrance and full on, always with presence of futuristic samples, acid synths and good melodies that shed psychedelia over the dance floor, MENTALIST is always ready to manipulate your mind, it will enter your subconscious, In order to leave listeners in trance always at the apex of psychedelia!