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We live in a paradox. The more liberties we achieve, the more constraints we have to cope with. The more options we have, the more confused we get. The Concept of Freedom seems so natural and over used, we tend to overestimate its actual presence in our existence. So are we freer than before? Are we happier because we are freer? It seems like while we are intoxicated by all the things we can do in our modern era, we backslide into a comfort zone, while forgetting there is much work ahead of us. We might have more rights in legislations, but along the way we lose the rights to many other things, we open one door, and close many others. Reality offers us limited access to freedom; luckily, music opens endless opportunities, thus enabling fulfillment of the true meaning of The Concept of Freedom. In order to help you get closer to this desired state of consciousness Mindwave, aka Anton Maiko, brewed a third creation that will serve as a mediator to elevate your mortal particles towards freedom. Maiko originated from Russia, and moved to Israel in 1991 when he was 6 years old. After a few years of experimenting with electronic music, he decided to go professional, and went to study in BPM Music School. When he graduated he released a few tracks that attracted much attention by various labels such as Phonokol, Iono Music, Joof and Yellow Sunshine Explosion. Mindwave released his first album Escape from Reality in 2009, and his second album Awaken a year after – both in Phonokol. In between he dazzled many minds in endless events such as O.Z.O.R.A festival, Vuuv Experience, Spiritual Healing, Aurora, Trishula, Mystika and the list is long. Always trying to upgrade and perfect his sound, he moved to the Iono Music Family, and from here, the sky is the limit. Like every complex concept, the Concept of Freedom also eases your way through an Intro. However it was not design to dwell upon, but just get into the proper state of mind. After a while you will enter a Light of Loss, which will separate every atom of your body into tiny light particles that floats through space. What seemed to be Simple Moves in the past are now much more complex and hard to manipulate with the soft singing and swiping melodies. This is exactly why you might need a Guiding Voice to help you navigate through this confusing phase. It will be a bumpy, funky road, but during the experience you will realize that you had the power Within You all along. It might cause occasional Levity, that you feared previously, only to discover that in the New Day, you actually kind of like it. But air is not the only place you explore; now it is time for the Underwater realm, its enchantment is deep and uncontrollable. The isolation of the dive helps you analyze the Concept of Freedom without any disturbances, and ponder upon the multiple answers you suddenly understand. It summons the Deepest Thoughts that arouses any Mindwave, and this particular one creates the perfect combination for such an astonishing realization.