Miranda - Cosmic Treasure Vol.1 Best Of 1995-2000 Remastered

Intro (DAT Remaster 2019)
Gnocchi (DAT Remaster 2019)
Step To The Stars (DAT Remaster 2019)
Planet Mars (DAT Remaster 2019)
Phenomena (DAT Remaster 2019)
Somewhere Out There (DAT Remaster 2019)
Mars Needs Women (DAT Remaster 2019)
Andalgalornis (DAT Remaster 2019)
Magnetic Levitation (DAT Remaster 2019)


Spiral Trax Records proudly presents the long awaited return of Swedish female psychedelic trance producer Miranda with her blasting 9 track album 'Cosmic Treasure Vol.1 'Best Of 1995-2000 Remastered'. The Album collects best tracks from beginning of Miranda's producing carrier remastered and tweaked just to please and satisfy your psychedelic minds! Miranda Silvergren started to produce psytrance music and played as a live act as well since 1994. She produces all kinds of genre - Goa, Psy, Dark Psy and Lounge music. She is well known by her legendary psytrance anthems - Step To The Stars, Gnochi, Phenomena, Concorde, Space Baby and many more. In her rich discography she has released 6 albums and more than 10 EP-s which is getting her to the number of over 80 released tracks and now she is coming for more! In psytrance audience she is also known as 'The Queen of Trance' and was awarded as Best Female Trance Artist of the year. Expect killer sounding adventure because this are golden gems from one of the best psytrance producers ever.