Monolock - Tata Umf Tata EP

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Tata Umf Tata
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WAV   $1.64
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Spiral Trax proudly presents a blasting new two track single from Monolock "Tata Umf Tata". Track one tells a legend about omens and visions spoken by Walter Graziani with a great live vocal sample. Powerful melodies and uplifting bass lines keeps the crowd leaping with delight. Dance floor tested with great results. Track two is morning anthem that will transport all listening to a magical place where only happiness prevails. This captivating release is destined to be a favorite for years to come. We are very excited to hear what you think! “Monolock” Project started in 2010, after falling in love with psy progressive trance music. Since then Sharon has produced many releases for top progressive trance labels releasing on many compilations. His two albums were both critically acclaimed by fans and DJs. He has several Ep’s both solo and with collaborations including Firestarter and Galactrixx. Monolock has performed his music all over the world, playing events in Israel, Germany, Hungary, France, Italy, and Switzerland in countless club and outdoor parties for many years. His strong mixing and empathy with the dance floor keeps the crowd full power.