Mr. Peculiar and The Shapeshifter - Syncrosect PAL (DVD)

Incredible Actions
Frontal Reversal
Emerging Light
De-psypher (Downtempo VJ Mix)


DVD video featuring 6 unreleased tracks by Mr. Peculiar set to 3D animation from The Shapeshifter. SYNCROSECT is a collaboration between trance musician Mr PECULIAR and visual artist THE SHAPESHIFTER. The idea of Syncrosect is to visually capture the vibrant energy and rich atmospheres of trance music. The system used to achieve this involves separating out individual sounds and creating animations to match. The animation loops are then composited and sequenced to precisely match the audio. For me the magic of trance music comes from the layering of sounds and rhythms so we needed to do more than simply match the BPM of the tracks.