Nocturnal - Interstellar EP

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Nocturnal’s music is synonymous with all that is exciting about techno,psytrance and ambient. Having emerged as the figurehead of not so prolific Croatian music scene, Nocturnal focused and considered approach to his craft has worked to confirm his position as a globally uprising DJ and producer who headlines currently Croatian outdoor gatherings and clubs. However life in music began for Nocturnal down in the grassroots; making the most of Croatian scene and working in his current company, Cosmic Production. It was here that Marko hooked up with the triumvirate of Simon Posford, Talamasca, Dark Whisper etc… sharing a passion for dynamic and diverse psytrance which inevitably led to the beginnings of production experimentation and musical exploration which has maintained to the present day. Started his DJ-ing around 2012 , and instantly started working after 2 years on his production. Now having already 1 album release on his label Cosmic Production. Nocturnal says winter is coming and there will be allot more content coming soon new on the label, mainly covering ambient music and techno music. For psy trance he already has 1 release in September for Geomagnetic Label Group, and an EP upcoming for Suntrip records.