Osiris Indriya - I, Aeternal

Sole Diver
In The Dark
For Real
The Voice Inside
Supernal Light


Osiris Indriya began developing his deep and driving sound in 1997. He attended Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, majoring in Classical and New Music Composition. There he spent most of his time in the recording studio designing sound and experimenting with the electronic equipment. At the same time, Osiris discovered the thriving electronic dance music underground and decided to learn to DJ to add context and purpose to the work he was creating in the studio. Osiris joined an event production organization called Seelie Court, where he grew into a community leader, event promoter, DJ and producer of uniquely spiritual and emotive dance music. In 2001, Osiris teamed up with Michael Manahan (from Starseed) and Isis Indriya (from Seelie Court) to create The Oracle Gatherings, a series of 23 themed events based on a new original tarot deck. For nine years, this series became an influential component of the West Coast 'Tribal Underground' dance music culture by combining the experiences of cathartic dance, performance art, education, and the expressions of spirit. In 2005, Osiris released his first full length album 'Reach Within'. That year he was honored to be included as an official label DJ for Iboga Records and released his first remix collaboration with SunControlSpecies of 'Little Honey' by Antix (Twin Coast Remixes). In 2007, Osiris teamed up with Seattle Progressive and Trance DJ Amanita (aka Brian Enoch) to create a musical and performance experience called Future Nurses. Together they embraced new fusions of Psytrance, Techno and Elektro sounds, opening for Ticon, Atmos, Ace Ventura, Loud, Antix, Perfect Stranger, Kox Box, Infected Mushroom, Hallucinogen and Shpongle. Today, Osiris continues to create original dance music and perform at festivals, clubs and legendary events in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.