Out World - Stories, Spells and Psychedelics

Spiritual Or Non Spiritual
Plants And Shamanism
Rules Were Made To Be Broken
The Power Is In Yourself
Take It To The Next Level
Ready To Believe
Prophecies Of Nostradamus
In The Land Of Faraway
A Bite Of Mushroom
One Step Beyond - Bonus Track


Out World is Rodri Andrade from Portugal but living in Bcn for 7 years already. After finishing his degree in Electronic Music Production and 2 years after in Audio Engeneering he decided to stay. His musical journey started with guitar classes and music theory at 12 creating even a rock band with some friends. After a while he discovered electronic music and its potential so started to go to parties with different styles of music and in 1998 he found himself in a big open air party in the forest..the music was psytrance and with only 15 years old a true passion started..Bought some equipment and 2 years later Rodri was already djing, taking the step of making and producing is own music was just a matter of time. Out World music defines itself for creating stories and spreading messages to the listeners, the objective is to give to the people a really experience on the dancefloor, to take them on a journey, make them go "out of their heads" and try to reach a new level of consciousness. Music was always one of the oldest forms of expression, we can use it as tool to create different realities and different worlds...our OUT WORLD.