Ovnimoon - Different Lifeforms

Astral Dimension
Alien Medicine
The Vision
Different Lifeforms
Back To This Land
Retro Sensor
Secret World Of The Truth


Ovnimoon presents Different Lifeforms, his magical 9th solo studio album, making this his 13th full length album release. This time we open a time portal to the magical year of 2000, channeling some seriously potent retro vibed magical energy. Channeling these vibes are Goa Trance legends and masters including the superb skills of E-Mantra, Etnica, Ephedra, Sirian and longtime studio collaborator Rigel. Joining them with her majestic and harmonic vocal skills is Esterim Patchuli on tracks 4, 6 and 7. This album was made with a wonderful combination of modern production using the latest FL Studio combined with classic and unmistakable sounds of genuine vintage Roland TB303 and Hardware Synths from Etnica and Sirian and some tracks were rescued from projects created in the year 2000! Escape with us for some much needed mental RnR as we journey there and back again and maybe a little futher into the future... Hector Stuardo is a multifaceted artists, who throughout the last few years, has presented many releases with different styles, Hedustma (Dark Techno), 3 Access and You (Club Prog Psytrance), and ambient as OM plus his collaboration with Ascent as The Key, and Ovnimoon Vs Rigel projects. Voyage is Hectors' newest work after a break from Psytrance music production, and it shows that he is back, onto his own path and vision, tapping into his original and signature mystical formula with a unique point of view! As always Ovnimoon music style is built on hypnotic arpeggios and deep atmospheres, running as long as possible, this is the basic idea for the music called Trance. The vocal messages are very important content for ours souls, with ideas for self-healing, open consciousness and wisdom on our planet. All tracks W and P by Hector Stuardo Marileo at Ovnimoon Studios - Santiago Chile.