Perry Frank - Soundscape Box 1

The Dawning
Barcelona Landscape
Endless Shoreline
Eternité Par Les Astres
Le Vent Et Les Nuages


Perry Frank started to record Soundscape Box in May 2013, when he began to work on his project RUINS and REGRETS. The project is closely linked to the "video-documentary-clip" called Ruins+ Regrets that is a collection of all the abandoned villages of the mining past around the town ofIglesias in Sardinia. There are many stories about all these abandoned villages, stories about the ghosts that haunt the ruins of the old houses and in some cases Perry had a strange feeling while filming inside those houses. All the scenes are filmed without motion, while other particulars of the landscape such as trees and clouds are moved, shaken or pushed by the Mistral wind to symbolize that the passing of time can do nothing when a regret is living inside our minds. All the ruins stand for the regrets of what has been and what will never be because of human fragility. The songs RUINS and REGRETS, that open and close the album, were written as soundtrack for the project.Perry Frank used his Fender Stratocaster guitar and a Jaguar with some gears such as POG2 and MemoryMan of Electroharmonix, FLASHBACK X4 Delay of TC Electronic, and DD20 of Roland Boss, with other effect pedals and an Orange Amplifier in all the tracks of Soundscape Box I. In Ruins and Regrets Perry played even a MicroKorg as soundscape in all the track and some Piano notes in Regrets. The backward guitar at the end of the song symbolizes the regrets coming from the past. THE DAWNING was written and completed in June 2013, even if the song in an embryonal version was played live since January 2013. The acoustic part was played in June 2013 with the slide guitar overdubs and combined with the other soundscape parts..