Persia Vibe - Close Encounter EP

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Close Encounter
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Through the Stars
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Persia Vibe is back with a brand new 2 tracker EP. Different than his first EP with a different kind of sound, focused on spacey sounds that will draw you into a new goa dimension. He wanted to show his regards to his family and his friends Hamid Panahi and Mohammad Fathi, guys who helped Ali to make this great EP happen, Don't Miss This Spaceship. Timewarp presents Persia Vibe’s second release with his newest amazing Goa trance tracks, Close Encounter and Through the Stars. Ali Katiraei was born in Iran, and he got acquainted with electronic music in his early youth and over time was more interested in that. He has tried and listened to many different music styles from House and Trance to the soundtrack of computer games. It did not take so long for music to become his main interest in life. Later during his high school, he got known the world of Psychedelic music just by accident, and used to like Nitzhonot music more than every other music style. But, these were just the beginning since with more quests he got familiar with Goa Trance. Nitzhonot and Goa Trance styles had high tempo and their melodies were more eastern and for these specifications he made a deep connection with them. Ultimately, he was a professional listener and then he decided to be a composer to make his contribution to promotion and enhancing the music. Facing all the existing limitations, increasingly he achieved more progress with the help of some of his friends. The Melody is the most important part of his songs. After years of hard work now the result is prepared as another release just for you.