Pharmacore - Pharmacore + Becoming.Intense

Desert Shadows
Beyond Logos
Flashes before your eyes
Hard Task
Memento part two
Ethilic Nightmares
Split Second


For some people, dark trance stands at a controversy, but this is not the case. This is the self titled mutual debut album of Pharmacore and Becoming.Intense. Behind the project Becoming.Intense stands Diogo Borges. Diogo has come a long way since his impressive performance with his electrifying clean cut Near Extinction (Nightvision - Avatar). It seems that B.Is music is at the same time dark, but pleasant, leaving behind the esoteric elements that tend to accompany this genre frequently. His pleasant lines and precision in production can simply be described as outstanding. B.I. is one of the more familiar names coming from his homeland of Brazil. For the last 4 years, Diogo has been sitting in his studio, experimenting and exploring the boundaries of sound. His music is new and is being played by more and more DJs. His popularity is steadily increasing and the demand for his music grows. As part of his musical research, he approached Valentin aka Pharmacore, a rising star in the Russian sky of new wave of talents. Connoisseurs have already admitted that his work is impressive. Its hard to stay nonchalant to his compositions. Valentins musical direction adds an extra dimension and backwind to Diogos music, like taking fire and ice A projection of ideas from both sides of the globe. As the two joined forces, they wrote Twilight. Later, they went on and wrote Ethilic Nightmares. Music wise, we have an extraordinary example of two devoted and experienced musicians who decided to push their music one step beyond This mutual album is a winning alliance and includes four tracks from Diogo, four brand spanking new cuts from Pharmacore, and in addition the two tracks they wrote together, each from his personal studio. It seems that Diogo and Valentin complete each other, and the harmony between the two flows.