Pro-Active - No Thought of Time EP

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Ohm Ganesh Pro presents our first release of the new year with another great release from Pro-Active called No Thought of Time, who brings two psychedelic morning layered fullon tunes which will rock the floors into the next incantation. Pro-Active is a trance project from Barcelona, Spain, created by Tapia Peppe, born in 1978. With over 18 years of musical career, and its various pitches in many musical different aspects, always based on the electronic scene, he has earned respect within the progressive psychedelic scene. Composer Author and Deejay Producer and keyboard player with an enriched by many different experiences as sound designer, working on various projects for several production companies advertising background: Albiñana Films, Ananda Films among other work done for visual pieces in the advertising sector. His initiation into the techno scene as a DJ and later as a producer having his first contacts with analog samplers and making his first works, discovered psytrance music. From the first time he got in touch with the culture of psychedelic electronic music, always wanted to deliver the best to begin with a solid project and make a life in his passion for music. It is from that project when fully immersed, focused on music production. Their live are very claimed by the strong impact of his music, his personal projection, all accompanied by his influential show.