Psychedelic Quest - Out Of Time EP

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Out Of Time
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Flowless Mind
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Timewarp is honored to welcome back this amazing sound sculptor, Psychedelic Quest, presenting his brand new EP with 3 killer new tracks. His music will take listeners on a wild ride across the cosmos with a soundtrack from the future which will stoke memories of legendary goatrance vibes rarely found. Leonidas Giotis is the man behind the Goa Trance Project, Psychedelic Quest. He started his experience into electronic music, in the background of the 90's,with techno and house tunes for then, and from 1994 he began to explore the Psychedelic Trance Culture, along with the great Goa and Psychedelic Parties, at Battery, Alsos, Camel, +Soda, etc, and the first party teams for then, such as Sunrise Zone, Amorphia, Trancemedia, etc. He made his first steps generally, in the faze of electronic music, in the early of 2000, with some poor since then musical experience, about the sound and the music in general. He played dj sets with his project in some Goa and Nitzcho parties in Greece, featuring old school Psychedelic and Goa Trance sounds, as it concerns his own style of producing this kind of music. He has made some digital releases in net labels, with Nitzcho and Goa Trance sounds, plus one official release in a Turkish label. He has also a free release, of his first Goa Trance Album, with the title, Alternate Constellations. Now he joined the forces of Timewarp Records with his debut EP, Unusual Chemistry, with 3 killer tracks and his second release Morning Trip continues his story.