Quantica - Drops Of Light

Hardware Interrupt
Free Radical
Strange Report
Rastafari Rising - Quantica mix
Aural Exciter
The 9th Dimension


Solid and sophisticated smooth blend of different psychedelic trends. The Argentinian-Spanish producer Eric Mokotoff aka Quantica, settled down in his studio in Ibiza while mixing and mastering for others artists, Eric was also slowly cooking the 4th Quantica studio album. ....Now he is back to the party bringing us "Drops of Light". Drops of Light is a dynamic trip, starting from "Eliptica" a prime example of upbeat psychedelic club to the funkiest open air vibes of "Strange Report", bobbing drop by drop into "Aural Exciter" a smart combination of psy roots with the uplifting proggy-psy trends, balanced with energized full-On tunes. In the early 90's Eric was the guitar player of one of the most relevant Argentinian reggae bands, echoes of those times are reflected in the collaboration with one of the UK's biggest producer, Bill Halsey aka Cosmosis, a pioneer of the genre. As well and as no less interesting mention to the track "Hardware Interrupt" in collaboration with the Spanish talent Raul Jordan aka Psycho Abstract. 5 years after the succesfull Quantica album debut, Drops of Light keep the identity of the quantica's basic ingredients: deep atmospheres, pumping basslines, astounding percussion, psychedelics dialogues, swirling melodies and a funky fresh touch...Resulting in 9 quality tracks. Extra Bonus Downloadable Stuff!! ...As a big thankyou to the people who buy physical CDs, Quantica offers some bonus content for free. The access to this bonus content will be only available inside the published cd booklet. Drops of Light follows up Groove and Roots (2009) Digital Voodoo (2008) and Astrobiology (2007). The Quantica debut album still available for free download at www.quantica.eu Stay on tune for more fresh releases by Flying Spores.