Quantum Mechanica - T.R.A

The Metaphor
The Southcoast Drifters
Between The Lines
Source Of Certainty


Dark Prisma Records is proud to present T.R.A, the debut album of Quantum Mechanica. Trance Research Association is the first release ever of the collaboration between Glosolalia and Will O Wisp. After years of experimentation in the studio, tests in dance floors, trials and remixes, they are ready to reveal to the world this finely tuned masterpiece. The album is designed to stretch the limits of the genre by tapping into all currents of modern music, from the experimental soundscapes of breakcore, to the artificial heavens of IDM and electronica, to the dreamy realms of pop music and beyond. The result of this research is one of the most state of-the-art releases we have ever witnessed, packed with tight production and a progression of style and BPM that is nothing short of groundbreaking. T.R.A features 7 tracks, including a collaboration with Fractal Gauchos and Zigurat, mastered by Sonik Scizzor The artwork was done by Fractal-Metatron and printed CD features a box, including a 6 page digipack with a poster inside.