Radioactive.Cake - Motorheart

Rampant Insanity
Stand Your Ground
Race Race...Explode
What The Hell We Fighting For
Soon But Never Gone
Let's Go Beyond
I Hunt...Therefore I Am


‘Motorheart’, is the third album by Radioactive.Cake, one of the creative brain child’s of Berlin based producer Robert Hundt. This latest offering, opens the listener and dancer up to a tour de force of driving, twisting and grinding minimal, dark progressive and psychedelic based tracks. ‘Motorheart’ displays a defined sound quality developed over years of live performances and obsession to detail, revealing an incredible array of multidimensional effects and sounds. Moody, sonic, pulsating, chunky, fat, grinding groovers, funked up and diluted with alien sounds, boogie shaking tunes from a darkened base all injected with twists and turns of a strange psychedelic kind. Whatever turn of phrase you want to apply, all 8 tracks are bass driven dance floor shakers, showing a hypnotic beating heart, infused and injected from unexpected sources to open your musical senses to new evolving styles, techniques and directions. A crafted statement, ‘Motorheart’ fuses together soundscapes to create an amazing Radioactive.Cake ride, enjoy!