Shogan - Universe

Source Code
Stomp the Ground
Human Psychedelic
Dark Energy
Voice of Eden


Spiral Trax prepares you to take a cosmic voyage to explore the 'Universe' featuring the preeminent Progressive Psytrance deep space pilot, Shogan. Charging your stabilizer pods with harmonic frequencies and filling your fuel tank with thick and oozing bass juice, Slobodan Vulic from Montenegro knows exactly where we are headed on our 'Mindway'. Setting his controls for the heart of the galactic core we plummet through the giant black hole powering the galaxy and engage the time-space dimensional warp drive to manipulate the very 'Source Code' of the cosmos. Powerful forces of 'Gravity' permeate our entire continuum giving form to matter. The music manifests in our bodies as we feel compelled to 'Stomp The Ground' in harmonic empathy. You awake to discover a magical dance floor surrounding you as 'Daylight' spills over the horizon bathing the party in a warm sunny glow. Collectively our 'Human Psychedelic' wavelength connects each other sharing this divine moment of bliss releasing our 'Dark Energy' and embracing the positive feelings that come natural when we exist in harmony with nature and our surroundings. The clear 'Voice of Eden' speaks forth with a message from the Universal Mind of oneness. It's time to 'Blast' and so we shall. Shogan delivers a sensational 10 part symphonic odyssey that hurtles you through ten levels of mystical and mature soundscapes that both propel you beyond your normal reality and simultaneously awaken your senses to a new level of joy and oneness. After catapulting his musical creations amidst the top international progressive psy producers with his now legendary debut 'Mind Pulse' on Geomagnetic's well-known Power House Records imprint his career really took off. With a steady stream of successful EPs and releases on top trance labels like Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Goa Rec, Ovnimoon Rec, Kupuri, Infinity Tunes, Fresh Frequencies, Magma, Midijum, Synergetic, Deepprog, Goa Crops, Polena, Psylove, Planet Ben, EDM and of course here on Spiral Trax he inevitably felt compelled to establish his own label brand 'Sting Records' which is now highly regarded as an important contributor for the genre.