Silent Hill - Break Me To Pieces

Father Connection
Power System
Dear Stone
Top Gun (rmx)
Silent Ghost
Shit Music
Dedicated for the yawns
La La La
Break me to piece


After quite an anticipation and biting our bleeding nail fingers, Silent Hills debut album is ready to be unleashed and hit you when you least expect it.Silent Hill sound spectrum will blow away from the very first minute, musically professionals like they have been around for years and yet dont sound like anything you have heard for years. This debut album showcases Silent Hills enormous ability to sweep you away on the wings of their music and put you back in a different state of mind and spirit.Behind this project Silent Hill are the talented duo; Eli Pinto (22) who plays on guitar, keyboards and bass, And Lior Kopeikin (23), who also plays keyboards and is in charge on the vocals.Silent Hill made their debut introduction in 2002, where they released their first EP under The name Silence Hill on DJ Jorgs German label - Shiva Space Technology. Without further delays Eli and Lior changed their act name to Silent Hill , and they didnt keep it silent when new tracks were released through labels such as YoYo-BNE, Com.pact, up to their recent hit, 24 Covers, which was their first release on HOMmega.Elected 2nd place as Best New Producer of 2005 by the highly influencial Isratrance forum, Silent Hills style is a fusion of Psychedelic Rock and Trance combined with Clubby elements, stylish programming, filtered vocals and more studio witchcraft we cant even explain.Silent Hill brings a new age of quality in Israeli Trance and reflects the overwhelming growth in the world-wide popularity for Israeli electronic music.Silent Hill stand-out production skills along with their tight musical direction has already started the buzz with inquiries for live shows flowing from Switzerland, UK, Japan, Mexico, Brazil and Turkey, to name but a few of the countries Silent Hill will visit in 2008.In December 2007, emerged Silent Hills first EP on their mother label imprint YoYo Records, Find Me marked their new territory in the Psytrance map, after receiving positive responses world wide, the Silents have set high expectations and promising new generation to the Israeli Psy-Trance music industry.