Solar Fields - Origin 03 (2 Vinyl LP)

2 Vinyl LP
A New Window (Origin 2013)
Video 2007 (Origin 2006)
Sidartisan (Origin 2015)
Funeral For The Abandoned (Origin 2013)
Response (Origin 2011)
Bridge Wide Open (Origin 2013)
We Are The Dream (Origin 2010)
I See Giants (Origin 2013)
Departure From Within (Origin 2009)
In The Nowhere (Origin 2014)


Magnus Birgersson is back with the third instalment of his Origin series. Started in 2010, Origin aims to bring to completion all the unfinished, partially developed tracks piling in Solar Fields archives. The latest Origin release dates back to 2013, hence Birgersson felt it was time to merge deeper in his closet to bring some other pieces to completion. The result is ten brand-new tracks for a total of almost eighty minutes of previously unreleased music stemmed from ideas going as far back as 2006. Being built on arrangements and tracks developed along a period of ten years, Origin 03 is a very diverse and non-uniform album, making the listening experience extremely unpredictable and surprising. Solar Fields inimitable sound is always here, soaking every track, but each and every one of them has a different mood and brings forth different stories. In brackets, you can read the year when the piece was born, before being put aside, waiting for better times to be perfected. Origin 03 was written, produced and mixed by Magnus Birgersson in Studio Jupiter, Gothenburg, and will be released by Sidereal on cd and vinyl on June 22nd. Mastered by Robert Elster, album artwork Magnus Birgersson.