Spacetime Continuum - Sea Biscuit

Voice Of The Earth
A Low Frequency Inversion Field


For it's sixth installment, the popular 'Ambient Lives' series presents the classic 1994 album 'Sea Biscuit' by Jonah Sharp aka Spacetime Continuum '. Released on the Irish based label Psychonavigation Records, this worthy re-release includes new artwork and is presented in luxurious 6 Panel Digifile packaging. Originally released on the late great Pete Namlook's Fax +49-69/450464 label, the project is heralded as one of the top 10 Ambient records of all time. The follow-up to Alien Dreamtime, the album not only showed a marked improvement in both content and form, it was also a truly fine piece of work. Standing contemporaneous notions of 'ambient' upside-down, Sharp's compositional genius reveals a man completely in sync with his machines, to the point that all bets are off, and all preconceptions are disregarded. Sharp belies the belief that ambient music is just new age in chic clothing. 'Pressure' will make you swear you're experiencing lounge time in a sensory deprivation tank. And riding Sharp's 'Subway' makes for an invigorating travel along the tracks of gloriously warped ambient dub-funk, Sharp's worm-like squiggles and electronic goo melting in time to the beats.