Supersonic Birds - The Moon Spacelab EP

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The Moon Spacelab
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Geomagnetic present a fresh new single from the dynamic French producer known as Supersonic Birds a psy-trance project created by Jean-Charles Bedon, born in French Atlantic west coast in 2017. His story began in the years 99 with a first psy-trance album under the a name of < Pherengee's >. In 2006, he released a second psy-trance album under the name of artist < Skyfiction >and some tracks produced by Mandala records. He has participated in several important events in France, Switzerland, Portugal with Total Eclipse, Cpu, Neuromotor, Logic Bomb, Space Buddha, Absolum, Joti Sidhu. In 2008, he decided to begin a duo project with Dj Anakis under the name of artist < Stardust Project >and released a super live played during 2 years. In 2016, he decided to begin a second duo project with Dj Hypnose, a female producer under the name of < Alpha & Centauri > and released an album produced by a german label Midijum Plusquam Records. In 2017, he decided to begin a new solo project under the name of < Supersonic Birds >. His first track was produced by Hector Stuardo Ovnimoon records from Santiago de Chile, the second and the third by DJ Spook Geomagnetic records from San Francisco.