SuryaDemah - Ashirvaad

Ohm Shanti
Trip To Asagao
Ohm Namo Narayan
Echoes From The Void (SuryaDemah, MakanSAX Remix)
Hare Hare Mahadev


SuryaDemah is back with his new album called Ashirvaad. During the time he was in India, he had done so many different performances and gigs in many cities of India Delhi, Goa, Karnataka, Kollur, Meysore, Bangalore, Allahabad, Risikesh etc.. Accordingly he decided to release this album in 2019. He had launch so many concerts and performances and gigs in some countries like India, Turkey, Dubai, Serilanka, Nepal and Iran. Concept of this album came from a few years ago when he went to India for the first time, he started to collect records and samples and so many live elements from the street musicians, bajan, singers, normal people and naturally from their culture in some places like bazars and temples. Then he composed harmonies in cover of psychill, psybient music and mixed all of them together. You can also listen to so many orchestrations that himself composed and played with his intruments like Electro baglama, Sivan and Daf and also there are so many nice records from his instruments like Electro baglama, Divan and Daf and also there are so many nice records from his musician and singer friends from all part of the world. All of this tracks made in different circumstances by different concepts and style, natural choices and mystical stories that SuryaDemah prefer bring them to psychill, psyambient always. We hope that this album will bring beautiful moments, light, love and harmony to you all psyambient lovers. Hamed gives his thanks to babaji Goa Gil, Baba Rampuri for their advices about this album, also thanks to Emanuel carpus a.k.a. E Mantra for his presence in this album, and also thanks to Dimitry a.k.a. Astropilot for his mix and mastering and all musician friends and artists that they were part of this project. Om Namo Narayan! All praises to Hazrat pir shams tabrizi, known under several names, described as having varied personalities, and leaving behing lineages among muslims, Hindus, and others from the mediterranean to the bay of Bengal. May his blessings guide us always!