System 7 - Up

Funky Gong
The Mind Boggle
At Last
Dolphin Smack (System 7 Remix)
I Seem To Be A Verb
Plasmatic Park


System 7 release their new album UP on May 30th 2011 on A-Wave Records.The album will be preceded by the single POSTIVENOISE with a remix by Detroit techno luminary Carl Craig, to be released on Beatport exclusive on May 9th and on all other digital stores and vinyl on May 23rd.Carl Craig worked with System 7 on several tracks in the 1990s and two of his mixes are featured on the successful recently released digital catalogue album System 7 Classics.PositiveNoise is collaboration between System 7 and British house music legend A Guy Called Gerald who now lives in Berlin, and is one of two tracks on the album that they worked on together.It will also have a video produced in Japan by ace animation team Mood Magic, who also made the acclaimed video for System 7s Hinotori released in 2007. The PositiveNoise video will be released to TV and youtube on April 11th, as part of the build up to the album release.Up is the first album of new System 7 material since 2007s Phoenix, which was heavily influenced by the work of Japanese manga pioneer Osamu Tezuka. Much of the album, including the two tracks with A Guy Called Gerald was written in Berlin, and regular exposure to the contemporary Berlin techno scene has influenced System 7 Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy to work with somewhat slower tempos than previously. Accordingly the new album has more of a techno and tech-house feel to it, still showcasing the unique System 7 sound with ultra modern production and a feeling of positivity..Also featured is System 7s remix of Josh Winks Dolphin Smack – with the full approval and collaboration of Josh Wink. There are also collaborations with Rovo electric violinist Yuji Katsui on the track Berimbau and Japanese guitarist-DJ Funky Gong Minoru on the track Funky Gong.