Talamasca XSI - One

The Frequency
Speedy Tour Remix
Play the game
Aries 2009
Hardest we can!
Still here
Something you know
A smile on your face


Parabola Music in cooperation with Mindcontrol presents the release of the year.Talamasca needs no introduction, very well known by electronic music fans worldwide. A DJ and a producer since already 17 years on the international trance scene, he has played in more than 50 countries and continues to tour the world on a regular basis. He frequently as collaborations with well known artists and has produced many tracks with artists like Skazi, Infected Mushrooms, Oforia, Spacecat, Deedrah, Absolum, Xerox, and many more.This album is the 6th release of Talamasca and is unique since this has been entirely produced with only one group, XSI, a duet new comers of the French scene and signed with Talamasca label Mind Control in cooperation with Parabola Music.Talamasca and his two new friends of XSI have worked in harmony to produce this album, sometimes having to concede to one another about certain sounds in order to produce an album totally focused on the Dance Floor theme.It took more than a year to Cedric Dassulle, (Aka Talamasca), Jean Marc Segondy and Barthelemy Bayona (Aka XSI) to finalize this project having to compromise in order to fully agree on each and every track and being proud of having accomplished perfect harmony in music selection.Mind Control and Parabola Music are proud to introduce this first collaboration album with these two upcoming future stars and look forward to a series of many more albums to come.