Time in Motion and Flexus - Sexual Activity (Single)

CD Single
Sexual Activity
Proggy Vision
Work Out


The summer is at the door step, and its time to enjoy the heat so jump on the roller coaster, feel the fresh atmosphere and get this great Ep from Time in Motion and Flexus. This time they deliver 3 strong tracks full of fat progressive trance, based on harmonic melodies and open air sounds to fill the space with happiness. Therefore don't get surprised to hear these tracks that get blown out from the festival speakers this year. Just come along, close your eyes and feel the flow of sounds, groove and baseline's put together to create a story for your memories. Sexual Activity is a part of most people's lives, its something we as humans enjoy. It's giving us pleasure, and intimacy with each other and it binds us together in a natural powerful way. In some way music has the same effect, and this is what Time in Motion and Flexus serve in this hot menu.