Time in Motion and Flexus - Smooth Vibrations

Smooth Vibrations


Always look on the bright side of life is not only a great song by Monty Python but also a good mantra to have in life. And the Danish brothers, Time in Motion, aka Thomas & Leslie Cowan, could definitely follow this way of thinking. After losing their studio, the Cowans didnt lose hope, and their path has come across with Dj Flexus aka Stefan Göransson, giving them a live proof that sometimes bad things lead to good things.In this case, it even gave birth to a new collaboration and a new EP, which will brighten up every side of your life with Smooth Vibrations.Besides being brothers, Time in Motion are musicians who brought their talents from their notorious past as Heavy Metal band players to the Progressive Psytrance arena. Tuning the rage and intensity to a lower and yet strong bpm, has made their sound a powerful and addictive sound that will melt even the most hardcore people. After combining forces with Dj Flexus, they managed to convert his Full-On sound into the Progressive kingdom and the amazing results you can hear in this groovy EP. The Danish trio began working on Smooth Vibration EP at the spring time. Testing each track during the summer time and mixing it over and over again to reach the highest level of production and pleasure to your ears. Smooth Vibration gives you the proof of how wonderful the trio work together, which gave the name of the track and the EP itself. Moonwalk continues with the groovy floating feeling of walking on the moon with no gravity. And Lakrids sneaks the spring tingling of the warmth coming slowly inside you that makes you want to jump.This unique and cosmic collaboration is just the beginning of future exciting adventures from these three; some things are just meant to be. But at the mean time you can enjoy their first creation and experience together with them the happiness of Smooth Vibration.