Total Eclipse - Tokyo Live 1998

Electro Gismo (Live)
Defrost (Live)
Kikamboot (Live)
Partycles (Live)
Sunrise (Live)
Collapsar (Live)
Miyukette (Live)
Chaotic Circus (Live)
Free Lemonade (Live)
Space Clinic (Live)
Are You Abducted (Live)
Psychedelic Terrorist


Total Eclipse is a legendary Goatrance group from Bordeaux, France. It is a known fact the versatile trio used to deliver crazy fully-live performances throughout the world. Since 1996 and it Violent Relaxation album, Total Eclipse had reached an enormous success and had been touring the world. But in 1998 they were showcasing a whole set of new tracks, some of which are yet unreleased, and in general significantly different than the actual released versions! Suntrip is proud to present a recording of such a unique performance, in the mythic 'Liquid Room' in Tokyo, Japan, on April 11th 1998. The live starts with 'Electro Gizmo' an unreleased track, in its live form... its pretty atmospheric vibe gently warms you up before going totally crazy with those typical Total Eclipse melodies! Going forward, 'Defrost', also unheard of, alternates dancefloor hammering sequences strings. That was just the beginning, because 'Kikamboot', another superb unreleased track, sends you directly to crazy utopia-land with a rain of acid lines! Imagine the Japanese crowd experiencing this! Mind you, the Frenchmen weren't just going to play some of their hits without heavily reworking them, and to that effect, they slap you in the face with a superb live rework of 'Partycles', an extra-long version of 'Sunrise' and a surprising remix of the ultra-classic 'Collapsar' from the iconic BRO33 EP! Halfway into the performance, time to get funky with a slight edit of 'Miyukette'. The multi-faceted emotional track, made with a Japanese girl must have done wonders on the Liquid Room floor! Next up, a super Classic: 'Chaotic Circus' in a shorter, sharper, live-tweaked version is going to blow you away! Since we're into classics, you're going to enjoy just as much this 'Free Lemonade' Live, and a supercharged 'Space Clinic' that seems to propel this recording into a more morning mood...though, when you're facing the crazy Tokyo crowd, you have to kick ass till the end...and 'Are You Abducted' which was unreleased at the time must have made a hell of an impression! And for the fe...