Twisted Swingers - Roots Of The Past

Caldo Black
Symmetrical Cowboy (Extended Mix)
Dr. Salvia
Bitch Mode
Space Machine
Experiment Complete


This album was designed to remember the roots of full-on, where we recreate the sensations and feelings that music transmitted to us in those times, where living with everyone involved in the psychedelic movement was reflected in their smiles, dances and positive attitude, that feeling where we were alone in communion with the planet and the universe, full of happiness, peace, harmony and love, we believe that we can resume the path of true full-on, reliving the euphoria with melodies immortalized from the soul, with fresh rhythms to receive a good dawn of nature. We dedicate this cd to all the people who supported us in the course of completing the album, to all the people who didn't let them sleep, those people and friends who endured listening to our music again and again, Uxmal Records for believing in us, supporting us at all times and give us the opportunity to publish physical albums with our music, special thanks to our families for the unconditional support. We thank: El Sinkis, ElChiky, El GueroDelaNeta, Arms, Tortuguita, Chicken, ElninoMe, ElTocayo, LaGotitaDeLaLluvia, Rita fofilinda, Julissa, Mezkita, Drika, Logygay Jona, Alix, Maclo, Faustino, Mono, Ombe, Camp, Oki, Camp, Obe, Campi, X-Side, JessyGun, Zonka, X-Avenger, La Pendeja, McGomer, Chito, Guero, Scrappy And KoopaFucho.