UASCA - Cosmos Umbilical

Ayah Part One (feat. Teresa Gabriel)
Revelation 999
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Cosmos Umbilical
Little Infinite


Uasca is a tribute to the ancient tribal knowledge of the Amazon. The goal of their music is to use our collective voice to raise awareness of the urgent need to respect the Amazon and all of nature. Cosmos Umbilical is a musical project related to the ancestral culture of the Shipibo-Conibo people as well as visionary art. It was created by Uasca, an electronic music pairing of DJ Fluxo from Portugal and DJ Tajmahal from France. They combine Tribal Ambient, Downtempo, Chill out, and the sacred songs the Shipibo-Conibo call 'the Icaros'. This album pays tribute to the first peoples via electronic music and new creative technologies that these two musical acolytes love. In order to help you to discover these unusual sounds, they immerse themselves in an ancestral culture that is far removed from all materiality that dominates our Western society. Following a trip to Peru, Taj came back filled with inspiration and appreciation for the Shipibo-Conibo culture from which he learned a great deal about himself and the world of the invisible. This led to the creation of this musical project in partnership with DJ Fluxo. For them, the music is a platform to share knowledge of this culture via music that combines ancestral tradition, new technologies and wicked baselines. During these expeditions Taj met and recorded normally reclusive senior figures from the Shipibo Conibo: Ricardo Amaringo, Olivia Arevalo, Julian Arevalo and visionary artists: Juan Carlos Taminchi and Anderson Debernardi. During the meetings with Ricardo, a renowned Shipibo-Conibo shaman, Taj proposed to introduce one of these Icaros to the world in a piece entitled 'Cosmos Umbilical'. This in turn led to the creation of two other pieces including the songs of Ricardo: 'Cosmogoniksun' and 'Litlle infinite'. The goal of this project is a tribute to the first people, and to make the Shipibo culture and Amazonian visionary art available to a wider audience through electronic music, an area where Tajmahal and Dj Fluxo feel most comfortable. Juan Carlos Taminchi honoured us by allowing us to use o...