Stripped Away
While In Berlin
A Separate Reality
Haunted Circuits


I have been making music as long as I can remember. Family have videos of me from when I was about 5 years old playing the guitar. I first discovered electronic music around 1981 when I purchased a Street Sounds Electro album at my local record shop. They were mix albums so I used to try and copy by mixing tapes together with my dads old record player. Hitting the pause button multiple times to get effects. I was mixing Elvis and Kraftwerk together long before The KLF. Aged 12 in 1987 I moved to a new house and our new neighbour had a studio at the end of his garden. He let me in and I was addicted. Big mixers, synths etc. It was heaven. He was doing music for the upcoming olympics at the time. I was in there whenever possible. I was very lucky. Music lessons at school were rubbish. I remember the teacher once playing us the theme from Top Gun. I wanted to be syncing the keyboards together and listening to acid house, Kraftwerk, Egyptian Lover, Cybotron etc. 92 / 93 I bought my first real synth. A Roland SH-101. I have been making noises ever since. I have released tracks / experiments / albums under various guises over the years. Met lots of lovely people. Always learning and creating new methods. Testing my production skills. Making music of different genres simply to learn. UOVI is my main personal project. Its the sound of my synths going out of control. Its about less computer interaction. Its about the sounds and their dynamic relationship with each other. They have their own personalities when you get to know them. Its about going back to basics whilst using the modern methods available. Its the music that I love the most. Pure ambient electronica I hope. Mastered by Blacklisted Mastering.