Vibration - Neon Demon EP

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Neon Demon
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Another World
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Parabola Music welcomes back Vibration aka Boris Ivan Contreras Lievano, to our with his fresh two track EP Single "Neon Demon". Melodies and mysterious sounds will help you meet your inner demons and dance with them on this dancefloor blasting EP made for heavy partying! Eastern melodies, sci-fi dystopia and heavy drops reminiscent of metal and hardcore music influence the title track “Neon Demon”. The second track, on a lighter note, is “Another World”; a track with tribal colors, uplifting energy and voices that will make the world dissolve in front of you taking you to a magic place full of vibrant energy. With a heavy progressive sound “Neon Demon” will take you into “Another World” full of neon bright visions and groove! Boris started Djing in Monterrey, Mexico around 2011 after going to open air parties and falling in love with Psytrance music, the heavy drops of Progressive music attracted his attention immediately coming from a metal and harcore background. With a long passion for electric guitar he moved on to electronic music by learning to dj, playing long sets in a variety of psychedelic genres with a wide range of bpms and styles. After many DJ sets he felt the need to create his own tracks to fill the dancefloor with energy and a piece of his own soul.