Vicky Merlino and VM18 - Natural Rolling EP

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Natural Rolling
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Natural Rolling (Remix VM18)
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Vicky Merlino aka VM18 is the multi-talented Electronic Music DJ and Producer Vincenzo Polignone based in Rome, Italy. His first appearance behind the Console was 2002 at the Woodoo Lounge where he mixed rhythms to the likes of CHILL and LOUNGE...He becomes the Founder of the annual event BEFORE AND AFTER TEA IN THE MAGIC MUSHROOMS HOUSE which took place for the first time in June 2000 in Italy where alternating between Deep House and psy-Trance was the mix that kept clubbers dancing all night long.i played this year in Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Thailand, Panama..and other countries. He played @ Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan Thailand, Kit Kat Events, Naked-Festival, Sonorica , Wasteland, Tribal Gathering, Psycho Wave Festival and many more important events 2010 start the new project with best friend (dj,producer and musician) victor F.QBEEK. The project name is DUOLOGIC. in 2013 start a project with KOORIE called KIDS on the MOON. and in 2014 start a big PSY TRANCE project with KODRA called ALIEN VISITORS.