Wizack Twizack - The Search EP

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The Search
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Targaryen Night
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Psytribe Records is thrilled to present The Search EP, two mind-bending gems of night Psy expertly crafted in the lab of Swedish producer Wizack Twizack. These tracks will rock your soul and send you dancing like lunatics to the darkest corner of our known galaxy! First off we blast away with The Search, an addicting tune that takes hold in the brain and never lets go, wrapping you in a world of bending synth tones and complex sound design, followed by a wild bass groove that will keep you in a twisty crazy mood. Surprises wait behind every turn on this one as the track builds into a fun spiraling space encounter that you will not forget. We continue our exploration of the outer spheres of this star system with Targaryen Night, a pounding dance floor adventure brimming with freaky synth work and impressive sound architecture, this track shapes into a an intricate and expressive groove machine as modulated tones battle for your attention alongside futuristic squelches and raw alien noises. Join us on this crazy space trip and get your copy of The Search EP on Psytribe Records Today!