Wonderfeel - Lao Dreaming

Song for Her
Need for Survival
Yaw Muinyaa
Bala Namusi
Letter from Father
Between the Family
Far from Sky


INSPIRED BY THE NATURAL SOUNDS AND TRADITIONAL SONGS OF LAO, THIS ALBUM IS A SERIOUS EXPLORATION OF TRIBAL RHYTHM, EARTHY BASS AND NATURAL AMBIENCE. After an impactful trip to the small tropical country Lao, Peet Wonderfeel returned to his studio in the forest east of Melbourne, and dedicated four years to crafting ‘Lao Dreaming’. The album begins with three instrumental tracks that evoke the wild spaces of Lao. Their mystery and rawness. In the middle of the album we meet two Akha tribeswomen Ik’a and Isoe, who sat with Peet on a riverbank at dusk, and sung traditional Akha songs. Peet Wonderfeel produced some solid primal beats to meet their unique voices. The third part of the album softens down into timeless ambience and we hear the haunting voice of Phui Suwanh, singing from the heart of a pitch dark cave. Wonderfeel is a strictly sampler-based producer. He does not use synthesizers. Preferring the realness of sounds created from the physical world, sounds recorded in through a microphone... “I am using technology - but in a way that lets me honour nature. Her wildness and sensitivity.” Peet Wonderfeel Peet Wonderfeel has a background in experimental electronica, underground dance, punk, activism, hip hop production and healing. Wonderfeel’s philosophy is to experience wholeness. Over the last 20 years Wonderfeel has appeared on various compilations and has self-released a few small-scale EPs. After a successful crowdfunding campaign in mid-2017, Wonderfeel’s first full album ‘Lao Dreaming’ is here now.