XS - Higher Connection EP

CD Single
Higher Connection
Mushrooms and Oscilloscopes
Birth of a Black Hole


Galactic Tree Tribe proudly presents the first 4 track EP of psytrance newcomer XS called 'Higher Connection'. With this release XS, Mirko Gredig by real name, wants to take you on a musical journey through a big spectrum of psytrance music. Starting off with the titletrack 'Higher Connection', you'll have a slow and meditative start, to then rise up to some faster progressive trance with the track 'Annunaki' which is featured by partner in crime, Planemo. After This you'll be launched into space with the two 150bpm tracks 'Mushrooms and oscilloscopes' and 'Birth of a black hole'. Both are fast, jam packed with synths and will surely open your mind to go on further and deeper into the musical jungle of psytrance. With over 10 years of experience in music production, starting out with Hip-Hop and then went on to Drum 'n' Bass and Dubstep, XS is definitely not new to making music, but surely is to the psytrance genre. The fusion of all this preceded knowledge shall now be rejuvenated to his own Interpretation of trance music and shall create a new sound which lifts you off the ground... Stay tuned, more is about to come!